Kid's Birthday


Working closely with our friends at Artbox, we were given the opportunity to help create WhatsApp’s new Growth Campaign for their two billion users worldwide. Based on real-life events, the animated short shows us how to use WhatsApp’s private communication to its full extent. Despite the crazy times we find ourselves in, we are still able to our remain close to our loved ones. The campaign has been released in USA, France, Pakistan and Egypt.

Client: WhatsApp Agency
Creative X Co-production/commissioned by: White Rabbit Budapest
Production Agency: Artbox
Executive producer: Geert Jansen
Directors: Manuel Ferrari, Studio Wim, NEW MOTIVE
Art direction: Woodwork
Illustration: Freek van Haagen, Yngwie Boley
Animation: Manuel Ferrari, Studio Wim, NEW MOTIVE
Storyboarding: Liza Mennes
Graphic Design: Amar Muric
Music and sound design: CANJA Audio Culturen

Project stills

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