Date & Hedge


Our friends at Artbox asked us to help them out on an exciting new campaign for international delivery giant DHL. Wrapped into two short stories we see how DHL’s services can be used the best way possible. All of this is told in a comical manner while using a fall-colour palette. Our starting point was to process the client’s first scripts into rough storyboards. From here on we developed the main character designs, styleframes and animation-style working together with the ever-awesome concept artist Freek van Haagen. For the full line-up see the credits below.

Client: DHL
Creative Agency: Shoq Creative Studio
Production Agency: Artbox Amsterdam
Executive producer: Geert Jansen
Directors: Studio Wim, NEW MOTIVE
Illustration: Freek van Haagen
Animation: Studio Wim, Marco van der Vlag, NEW MOTIVE
Music and sound design: Jeff Moberg

Project stills

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