Gezellig wonen

Is your home feeling dull and cheerless? got you covered!
To make sure everyone knows this, Made.For.Digital. asked us to help them with this inspiring Ad-campaign.
These short videos show how can make your home, as the Dutch say, "gezellig".
Adding liveliness with cozy accessories and the most adorable dog. (Although Joek is unfortunately not for sale.)
The whole thing was broadcast on TV in both the Netherlands and Belgium and was also used as an extensive online ad-campaign, as well as on social media.

Production Agency: Made.For.Digital
Director: Tom Titulaer
Director of Photography: Tijn Sikkens
Artdirector: Femke Hoebe
Grading: Roel Videler
Sound: Joey Buddenberg
Animation + Design: NEW MOTIVE

Project stills

Extra versions

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