We are NEW MOTIVE...

...a collaboration between directors, designers and storytellers.

Driven by a passion for design, our focus is to create colorful stories while exploring the developing spaces of animation & film. As a team, we constantly look for new angles to visualize engaging stories.

Our Amsterdam-based office drives an open and explorative outlook. We strive to always reflect this attitude while working with a broad range of clients: from big ad agencies to smaller brands, including TamTam, Johnny Ultra, Artbox, ABN Amro, Uber and DEPT.

Luuk Hendriks
Owner / Creative Lead
+31 (6) 19 20 30 88

Jim Zondervan
Owner / Technical Lead
+31 (6) 41 18 46 71

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mobile phone Luuk: +31 (6) 19 20 30 88